Check News to learn more. Until then you can see and win the Deputy's T's at Will Clark’s Porno Bingo and Go-Go Harder’s Meaner Harder Leather. You can also find them at The Center’s Annual Garden Party.

Deputy Dirtylegs creates fine, custom-designed T-shirts with a fuck you or come fuck me attitude. All shirts are limited-edition and hand-printed on soft, top-quality, 100% cotton, pre-washed, soft-style T’s.

Check back often for News, new designs and colors. Use the Contact page for questions, suggestions, special requests. The Deputy is open, wide open.

The first and last shirts in each run is reserved for causes the Deputy cares about. If you are involved with a LGBT, pro-choice or environmental fundraising event, contact me about a donation.

Deputy Dirtylegs’ shirts are as good as her attitude is bad.

Deputy Dirtylegs is planning a few tricks for you this summer.